MRI Coils

Block Imaging Parts & Service keeps MRI coils in stock for both Open MR and Closed MR units. We have stock on the following MRI coil types:

  • Head Coils  MRI Coils
  • Neck Coils
  • Shoulder Coils
  • Spine Coils
  • Breast Coils
  • Body Coils
  • Wrist Coils
  • Extremity Coils
  • CTL (Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar) Coils
  • Pelvic Coils
  • Knee Coils
  • Vascular Coils
  • Surface Coils
  • Flex Coils
  • Array Coils
  • Phased Array Coils
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See advantages of phased array coils



MRI Coils From Block Imaging

  • GE Coils

    GE Coils

    GE MRI Coils...Excite, Echospeed, LX, Profile and Contour Coils
  • Hitachi Coils

    Hitachi Coils

    Hitachi Airis Elite, Airis II, Airis I, MRP 7000 and MRP 5000 Coils
  • Philips Coils

    Philips Coils

    Philips Acheiva, Intera, NT and ACS-NT Coils
  • Picker/Marconi Coils

    Picker/Marconi Coils

    Picker/Marconi Eclipse, Polaris and Proview Coils
  • Siemens Coils

    Siemens Coils

    Siemens Avanto, Symphony, Harmony, Vision, Impact, Concerto and Open Viva Coils
  • Toshiba Coils

    Toshiba Coils

    Toshiba Vantage, Excelart and Opart Coils