CT Parts

CT Parts

Block Imaging Parts & Service keeps CT parts in stock, tested and ready for immediate shipment. Contact us today if you need CT scanner parts for any of the following:

  • GE CT parts
  • Siemens CT parts
  • Philips CT parts
  • Picker CT parts
  • Toshiba CT parts
For immediate response to your urgent CT scanner part needs, please call 877-621-2887 or use the handy online form:

  • GE CT Parts

    GE CT Parts

    GE Brightspeed, Lightspeed, QX/i, DX/i, FX/i, LX/i, CT/i, Prospeed Sytec Parts
  • Philips CT Parts

    Philips CT Parts

    Philips Brilliance, MX8000 IDT 16, MX8000 Quad, MX8000 Dual, MX8000 Dual EXP, Aura, AcQsim, Secura Parts
  • Picker CT Parts

    Picker CT Parts

    PQ2000, PQ5000, PQ6000, Ultra Z
  • Siemens CT Parts

    Siemens CT Parts

    Siemens AR Star, Definition Dual Source, Esprit, Smile, Sensation, Emotion, Volume Zoom,  Volume Access, Spirit, Balance, and Plus 4 CT Parts
  • Toshiba CT Parts

    Toshiba CT Parts

    Toshiba Aquilion, Asteion, Xvision, Xpeed, Xpress Parts